Jan 062014

Positive reviews for Dream Drops Red are popping up all over the web! The latest ones are quoted below:

SLUG Magazine writes:

Riksha = Soulfly + Tool + Killswitch Engage
Riksha plays heavy, hard, shiny metal, and their new release, Dream Drops Red, is a neatly executed album of exactly that. The music is loud, mean and beautiful. The growling vocals range from creative to devastating. The band is comprised of talented local musicians who have been rocking out for a long time, so it’s no surprise that they are finding success with sponsorships and making tour plans. If you love metal, you will love Riksha, so hop on and enjoy the ride! –Ischa B.

Full review here: http://www.slugmag.com/articles/6859/Riksha.html

BeowolfProductions.com writes:

RIKSHA is based out of Salt lake City, Utah and play a combined style of Metal and Hardcore music. Their sound is a little hard to categorize to one genre. They have a bunch of influences in both Metal and Hardcore music. They have a really cool Metal guitar sound that runs through their songs that pulls from Thrash / Speed/ Traditional and Heavy Metal music. They have a bit of a Progressive Metal sound as well as some elements of Doom Metal at times. The slower more heavy and darker parts is where some of the Doom comes in. Then they mix in some really grooved out drum parts that reminded me a lot of Hardcore bands, cause it’s supper tight and solid with kind of a bounce groove. They also mix in some old school Hardcore, Modern Hardcore and Post Hardcore influences into their sound. The bouncy groove sometimes reminded me of KORN, but not as thick. The vocalist has a mixture of Hardcore and Thrash styles vocals which sometimes reminded me of Gary Meskil of PRO-PAIN meets Jonathan Davis of KORN meets Burton C. Bell of FEAR FACTORY, because of the melodic vocals he adds in. If you were to melt together parts of KORN, PRO-PAIN, FEAR FACTORY, DEFTONES, SKINDRED, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, DROWNING POOL & HED PE you would end up with RIKSHA. Not a typical combination, but it works and it sounds killer!

Full review here: http://www.beowolfproductions.com/Riksha-DreamsDropRed.html

CoveringTheScene.com writes:

Jager band, Salt Lake City’s, Riksha deliver Dream Drops Red on Dark Harvest Records. A trippy, atmospheric blend of Opeth meets Rage Against the Machine with some Prong flavored energy jolted in. Vocalist Palmer performs the unique task of delivering main vocals with the lyrical rap like rasp of Zach de la Rocha, adding dreamlike background voices ALA Opeth sounding like a masked backward message played forward.

So Stupid starts with a breath gasping to inhale screeching into vocals turning into an almost tribal sound. Something’s Coming is a short calming yet creepy intro fading into Skull Shock’s stalking beat with anxiety-laden guitars and riffs equaling heartbeats as a serial killer thinks out loud.

Drool does the drums into off-kilter guitar notes as we peak into the wheelchair bound thoughts of a crazy person. Drool dark fairy tales for me, old man. Fade goes into the Fear Factory assemblage plant for mechanical inspiration and a cyber-genetic tribute.

Pulling Daises is Pantera fueled with submerged souls yelling at the surface. Hate You’s short simplistic yet dramatic ballad atmosphere stops in immediate contrast to Play Your Suffer’s fast-engine paced Ministry fueled speed. Time to bring your BS and play your fiddle, sit down, sit down… sit down!

They tear ‘the Doors’ off an old LA classic adding some grunt, dirt and grime to the old Roadhouse. Finisher Diesel and Cheese is a schizophrenic mix-mosh of Opeth, Tool and Ministry with a sprinkling of Mushroomhead. www.rikshaband.com

Full review here: http://coveringthescene.com/riksha-release-dream-drops-red/